Where do we fall short of what we promise?

Despite our best efforts, our grand plans and our endless commitment, sometimes things don’t go as we’d hoped. Within nearly every brand or organisation there is a falling short. Sometimes it’s just small things, sometimes it’s the stuff we built our reputation on.

Acknowledging the inevitability of this, and that it is okay, is an essential part of being authentic. People are tired of overly-polished perfection posing as reality, and the fakeness of things never going wrong. This segment is all about being honest with yourselves as the first step towards being honest – and open – with the people you serve.

Examples – our product / brand / organisation...

  • ...inconsistent in delivering what it promises in terms of quality and timeliness
  • often not meeting its obligations to support a healthy workforce
  • ...does not always meet the industry standards we should adhere to
  • not as accessible as it should be
  • ...doesn’t always have the financial runway it needs to provide a reliable service

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