This OPENBRAND Wheel is an open source Enspiral-funded project created by Nick Tucker (From Left Field) that emerged from conversation and collaboration with fellow Enspiralites Nancy Gibson and Lucia Die Gil (Greaterthan) during 2020.

The OPENBRAND Wheel first appeared as ‘The Story Wheel’ in an article published by Nick Tucker in 2020 entitled ’from manufactured authenticity to authentic authenticity – revealing the full story of you’.


Special thanks to Enspiral’s Joriam Phillipe for being the catalyst that gave this project life, and to Antoinette Wilson and Jordan Osmond of Happen Films for being the first experimental subjects for the process.

The 'open’ side of the OPENBRAND Wheel is based on the initial brand positioning process outlined in the CORE framework developed by José Caballer and featured in the online video and training content of Chris Do and his team at the futur.

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