What is an ‘Open Brand’?

For any organisation or brand, there's an energy and focus that comes when you fully own and embody your culture and your intentions.

When you express outwardly what you are actually living, in everything that you do, say and deliver. When you acknowledge the good and the bad. When you’re no longer hiding. When who you really are is out in the ‘open’.

You become more centred, more grounded, more effective. You’re being truly authentic!

You no longer have to hold back when you communicate. There's no need to filter what you say or do. No need to second guess the response. No need to steer or manipulate perceptions of your organisation, your product, your brand. And that's a good thing!

Because from that place you can more clearly see who the people you serve are. What they need, what their concerns are. And they can see you.

You have a foundation from which to build deeper relationships and create more connected community, and the work you do together will have greater meaning, value and resonance.

Introducing the OPENBRAND Wheel


How can you properly serve another if you're not 100% being yourself? To be authentic you must first surface and own who you really are as an organisation or a brand, and let more of the collective 'self' be seen, felt and heard. Trust that those who resonate with you will appreciate it, value it and connect more deeply.

The 'OPENBRAND Wheel' is a prototype framework (v2.2) that takes a typical brand positioning process and extends it. Use the outputs as you normally would to outline your brand positioning and strategy, only this time from a deeper place.

For every prompt used to build an aspirational brand position (the side of our story we typically ‘open up’ to the outside world), there's a matching one designed to dig a little deeper and explore what we're keeping tucked away and ‘closed off’. All wrapped up in a repeating cycle.

The invitation is to dig as deeply as you’re comfortable going. And to express outwardly what you’re confident to share. Then once that feels normal, the invitation is to peel back the next layer by going round the OPENBRAND Wheel again... ....and again... ...and again... Enjoy the journey!

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