What tangible change do we deliver?

You want to make an impact, have an influence, add to the experience of your audience, users or customers. This is the reason you turn up to work each morning – it’s your ‘purpose’!

So what is it that you want people to recognise or remember you for? What experience do you want them to have or see or feel? How do you want to change your sector, your industry, the world? Write as many as you can think of – you can refine the list once you’ve done the initial brainstorm.

Examples – our product / brand / organisation...

  • ...will change how things are done in this sector
  • ...will make our audience better informed about the issues, and solutions
  • ...will deliver a genuinely better alternative to what's currently available
  • ...will create a connected community supporting positive change
  • ...will improve the quality of life for its customers

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