What is it that remains unsaid about us?

For most of us there are aspects to how we live and work that aren't how we'd like them to be. Aren't things that we typically talk about openly. Aren't things that are easy to admit.

But not getting these 'hidden' aspects of the organisation into the open (at least internally - you can decide how much to share externally later) creates a layer of dishonesty behind which the truth lies. You're likely not being completely honest with your customers, your colleagues and maybe even your family.

Examples – our product / brand / organisation...

  • ...has a culture of too much to do, not enough time, insufficient resources
  • ...isn’t as environmentally sustainable as it claims to be
  • ...expects everyone to put family as a lower priority than the organisation
  • ...insists on presenting a positive face to the customer even when not doing well
  • ...would rather not be reliant on venture capital to grow

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