What do others feel when they interact with us?

As with some of the other segments, when building out your EXPERIENCE list you may find overlap. This is perfectly normal – often the IMPACT you want is directly linked to delivering a particular EXPERIENCE.

Focus in on how you want those you serve to feel, whether that’s when they buy a product, work through a course, watch a film or meet staff members at an event. Note how each of the examples includes a feeling or emotion, and these will endpoint of the journey your users, customers or supporters will take with you, whether that’s a single interaction or years of connection.

Examples – our product / brand / organisation...

  • ...inspires the people we connect with to live better lives
  • ...creates hope and empowerment, and the motivation to take action
  • ...brings peace and calm to our users in times of disruption
  • ...reduces frustration and increases connection
  • ...ensures that everyone in the community has a voice and feels heard

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