What is it that sets us apart or is unique?

Often referred to as your USP (unique selling point) or ‘X-factor’, the DIFFERENCE segment is about what makes you stand out from the crowd. What differentiates you from the competition, the alternatives. Why someone chooses to be associated with your product or brand or organisation.

How are you uniquely positioned to meet the needs of your customers, solve the problems of your users, engage your audience? These can be aspects of the offering (product, service, etc) or how you operate or relate to those you serve. Don’t worry if some of these overlap with previous statements in the CULTURE segment – it’s quite common.

Examples – our product / brand / organisation...

  • ...has a technology or solution that is unique
  • ...really cares about our customers or users, a lot
  • ...has environmental credentials that are class-leading
  • ...is locally-produced / local / locally-owned
  • ...is better / higher quality / more elegant than the competition

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