How do we describe our community?

This (along with the following DIFFERENCE, VOICE, IMPACT AND EXPERIENCE segments) is a typical question asked by many branding frameworks, though the order sometimes varies. Here, the aim is to come up with statements that describe the community of customers, users or supporters that you're wanting to create. Treat this as the aspirational version, the outline of how things will be once everything falls into place.

You'll adjust and update this once you've completed a full cycle of the brand opening wheel, but as a starting point, go with what feels natural, what excites you, what you know will add value to people's lives.

Examples – our product / brand / organisation...

  • honest, open, generous and supportive
  • ...has a common set of ideals, even though we are all individuals
  • ...accepts the perspectives and opinions of others
  • always evolving, never fixed on one perspective
  • ...has made lowering its environmental footprint is a priority

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